Obama Campaign Shifts Into Extreme (LIES) Attack Mode

Now he is meaner and dirtier than ever… You do not insult the KING … NO LIE IS Too BIG For the new Obama…

And it wasn’t a brain fart day… IT WAS THE REAL OBAMA —- WITHOUT HIS TELEPROMPTER and SPEECHWRITERS…. the dumb one, who couldn’t cook supper.

With its candidate having been swamped in the debate by an aggressive and articulate Gov. Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign is switching fully into attack mode, moving beyond earlier assaults on Romney’s business record and wealth toward a new drive to destroy his character.

Casting completely aside the Obama 2008 brand of a hopeful unifier, Obama’s operatives Thursday dived straight the jugular, working on multiple fronts to brand Romney a liar. The campaign, Obama aides made clear, would henceforth be conducted exclusively Chicago style.

In a vicious and personal assault rarely conducted at the highest level of U.S. politics, White House senior adviser David Plouffe repeatedly told reporters aboard Air Force One that Romney was “dishonest.” With the president of the United States in a cabin just a few steps away, his top adviser pushed out the new campaign theme that the man who had bested him in the debate Wednesday night is an untrustworthy scoundrel.

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