The Liars Are Out Early And it’s Easy To Blow Them Out Of The Water

Life begins for every man when they were born. They always take that way out. Rather than read the charts for themselves.

It’s time for fossil fuel companies to do the right thing –

Sandy was off-the-charts terrible, a storm that broke every record in the books: for storm surge, for barometric pressure, for sheer size.

NOPE it did not … It’s 100% bullcrap. I think you should expect more from real Journalists, but not today….

And what might the right thing be?? Buy into the liberal lies about weather, when it’s so easy to read the charts for yourselves. The reality of history blows his “off-the-charts terrible” claim right out of the water.

A little searching brings us the facts:

Deadliest World Tropical Cyclones | Weather Underground

1. Great Bhola Cyclone, Bangladesh 1970 Bay of Bengal 500,000 [deaths]

2. Hooghly River Cyclone, India and Bangladesh 1737 Bay of Bengal 300,000

3. Haiphong Typhoon, Vietnam 1881 West Pacific 300,000

4. Coringa, India 1839 Bay of Bengal 300,000

5. Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh 1584 Bay of Bengal 200,000

6. Great Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh 1876 Bay of Bengal 200,000 7. Chittagong, Bangladesh 1897 Bay of Bengal 175,000

8. Super Typhoon Nina, China 1975 West Pacific 171,000 9. Cyclone 02B, Bangladesh 1991 Bay of Bengal 140,000

9. Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar 2008 Bay of Bengal 140,000

10. Great Bombay Cyclone, India 1882 Arabian Sea 100,000

A Northern Hemisphere storm only shows you know nothing about weather, or cyclone events. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 nearly completely destroyed Galveston Texas and Killed 6000+ people. For the USA, the Galveston Hurricane in 1900 could be described as “off the charts terrible”:

On September 8, 1900, a hurricane struck Galveston. Winds estimated at 140 mph swept over the island, leaving devastation in their wake. After the storm surge of 15.7 feet subsided, Galvestonians left their shelters to find 6,000 of the city’s 37,000 residents dead and more than 3,600 buildings totally destroyed. The 1900 Storm is still considered to be the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history. After the storm, Galveston constructed a seawall and raised the grade of the island to protect it from future hurricanes.

Now, set’s  look at the other three claims he made in detail:

for storm surge  – FALSE

The Bathurst Bay Cyclone, also known as Tropical Cyclone Mahina, which struck Bathurst Bay, Australia on March 5, 1899, is generally credited with the world record for storm surge. The cyclone’s storm surge is variously listed at 13 – 14.6 meters (43 – 48 feet). The Category 5 cyclone was a monster–with sustained winds in excess of 175 mph and a central pressure between 880 and 914 mb. Mahina killed at least 307 people, mostly on pearling ships, and was the deadliest cyclone in Australian history. The eyewitness account of Mahina’s record storm surge was provided by Constable J. M. Kenny, who journeyed to Barrow Point on Bathurst Bay to investigate a crime on the day of the storm. While camped on a ridge 40 feet above sea level and 1/2 mile inland, Kenny’s camp was inundated by a storm wave, reaching waist-deep. On nearby Flinders Island, fish and dolphins were found on top of 15 meter (49 foot) cliffs. However, an analysis by Nott and Hayne (2000) found no evidence of storm-deposited debris higher than 3 – 5 meters above mean sea level in the region. They also cited two computer storm surge simulations of the cyclone that were unable to generate a surge higher than three meters.

for barometric pressure  – FALSE

Hurricane Sandy had the lowest pressure ever recorded for any storm north of North Carolina at 943 millibars just before it came in from the sea on Monday afternoon and hit the New Jersey coast, however, it remained at the weakest level of hurricane throughout its tempestuous tirade through over 1,000 square miles of land.

And the list of the most intense Hurricanes … We overrun by Wilma in 2005 and our concrete house did just fine. And it sits on the bay waters. Winds at our house were over 130 mph sustained according to records.. We did go inland, nobody had to tell us to, and went to a local shelter. We were back in our damaged house 12 hours after Wilma passed. The pool and yard was bad tore up, but the house was fine save for a little a little water and plaster cracks from the wind. No I did not have shutters, since been installed. My total damage was over $150k. So I have a little experience with hurricanes, that apparently Bill McKibben does not…

Here is another chart to look at…. Wilma is right at the top of the list …. The Wilma eye wall was 20 miles from our front door. That’s as close as I want to get to destruction.

Most intense Atlantic hurricanes
Rank Hurricane Season Pressure
hPa inHg
1 Wilma 2005 882 26.0
2 Gilbert 1988 888 26.2
3 “Labor Day” 1935 892 26.3
4 Rita 2005 895 26.4
5 Allen 1980 899 26.5
6 Katrina 2005 902 26.6
7 Camille 1969 905 26.7
Mitch 1998 905 26.7
Dean 2007 905 26.7
10 “Cuba” 1924 910 26.9
Ivan 2004 910 26.9
Source: HURDAT

By the way, Katrina also went just south of our house as well. While it was a Cat 5, not when it hit land south of  New Orleans area, it was cat 3, at New Orleans it was a weak cat 1 (90 mph winds).

Source: National Hurricane Center National Hurricane Center; Hurricane Research Division; Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (April 2012). “Atlantic hurricane best track (Hurdat)”. United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research. Retrieved 2012-04-19.

Don’t count the lame stream media as nothing more than hype central.

Nothing is off the charts to normal people, liberals not so much ,who apparently one of their skills is they are unable to read charts.

Did you know it was so hot on planet earth About 90,000,000 years ago than several of the giant dinosaurs needed built-in radiators, or fins to keep cool. And the big trees were big, because plant food, CO2 was plentiful, about 20 times today’s level.

Netflix has the dino movies you can enjoy.

Paleontologists know the truth. And it’s history.

And yes the Cars weren’t generating CO2 way back when. Here is a fact, Dinosaurs didn’t have cars. And the earth did not have Ice Caps either back then. And yes the oceans were higher to accommodate the hotter temperatures. The waters of our oceans go up and down about 400 feet. You can look it up.

So the latest, is for the media to lie about the weather, when it’s a provable lie, hope to scare you into believing the drivel.

Everybody knows America is a colonial power who did nothing but rob the world of it’s riches to build our country out of the spoils. LOL!!!

That’s the Obama view of the world. Everything is our fault. But hey why not ….

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