The energy crisis that wasn’t

Liberals mostly Just Lie ….

DDT was never a problem for anything, except mosquitos. What it did was allow people to live in relative comfort in mosquito prone areas, rather that packed like sheep on liberal plantations. I remember when I was a kid following the spray trucks down the roads in my neighborhoods. What about the eagles you say? Do you really know what was done to produce the stories about eagles and their thin egg shells?

Do you know what today the giant windmills today, do to live eagles?

Peak oil

Jimmy Cater was the first of the peak oil doomsayers. Yes that Jimmy Carter. The world would run iut of all oit by the year 2000 I sat huddled around the TV awaiting him to spout this crap all bundled up in a stupid cardigane sweater, I sat watching.

It was total nonsense. Don’t drill you don’t find.

How many times throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have we been treated to frightening, dire projections of catastrophic eventualities in which the world runs out of energy resources and modern life comes to a screeching halt? Yet, miraculously, we’ve somehow managed to shoot right past all of these apocalyptic benchmarks, and our proven energy reserves only keep expanding.

The USA has about 30-35% of the world’s fossil fuel still in the ground.

And then comes global warming and the hoaxers want you to believe another big lie. Ever heard of a greenhouse without a roof. No neither have I.  As an old school Physicist, I know stupid when I hear and see stupid. The whole concept of global warming is cooked up science, to try and mmake the unknowing believe the big lie, then can the emails leaks, climate gate it was called that showed the grantees, of government grants I might add were cooking the temperature numbers, and the lie was exposed.

Hot Air writes:

This came to my mind the other day when my mom informed me that we all need to start preparing for the end times because she’d heard of some new prediction that the world’s quickly developing economies mean that we’re going to face drastic energy shortages come 2030 or something, and I couldn’t help but protest the pessimism. There may be any number of reasons to prepare for survival scenarios (hostile nuclear winter and shortages induced by the tyranny of big-government folly spring to mind), but a legitimate crisis in finite energy supplies probably isn’t one of them. Yes, more people moving from poverty to prosperity (which is an excellent thing on many levels, by the way) mean dramatic demand spikes, but human beings have a remarkable knack for innovating and adapting, and over the years, new technologies and improved efficiencies mean we’ve been getting more and more out of less and less.

The most recent and glaringly large-scale example of this is the shale gas boom — and as much of our money as the environmentalists have poured down the drain in politically-preferred fledgling venture technologies that they’ve deemed will bring us to their version of a sustainable future, natural gas is decidedly winning the war in most effectively bringing down our carbon emissions.

Do you know how many billions Obama has poured down the Green Energy rat-hole to try and find the miracle battery, or green energy this or that, that would save the world, as if it needed saving form anything but big government.

It is bull-crap writ large, with your tax dollars. A simple calculator would produce results which tell you the true answer, it’s bull-crap. Green energy is made from ground liberal unicorns. Put that in your tank and see how that works,

Liberals hate freedom, and that’s what cars are. So they need a big lie to destroy your use of the automobile.

Carbon fuels the “cycle of life” that’s what it does. Take all the CO2 out of the air, all life on earth dies. Is that their end game?

Lot’s of airborne CO2, like in the days of the dinosaurs, makes for really big plants and the animals that eat them.

As far as global warming is concerned, I wrote about it way back in 2010 …
Nasa Has Been Fudging Earth’s Energy Balance Equations All Along.
We actually conducted energy balance experiments during the Apollo mission. They were part of the ALSEP package taken to the moon. I was part of Dr’ B.J. OBrien’s team Low-Energy Solar Wind: Rice University, B. J. O’Brien.

Jimmy Carter, the dumbest known President, until now.


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