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Obama 3 Days Ago: And If You Have A Problem With That, You Can Have A Discussion With Me
Obama Today: And If You Have A Problem With That, You Can Have A Discussion With the State or Defense Departments

Did I do that?

The White House yesterday denied it edited talking points about the terrorist attack that killed the American ambassador to Libya — contradicting remarks made a day earlier by disgraced ex-CIA chief David Petraeus….
The edits would have been made after the statements had left the CIA for review by the Defense and State departments, ultimately landing at the White House.

But instead of relaying what the CIA initially reported, UN Ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly insisted the attack was a spontaneous protest spurred by an American-made video depicting Prophet Mohammed as a pedophile.

One falsity in all this is this pretense that if it “comes from another department” the White House isn’t involved. Are we pretending these people are entirely isolated from each other with a virtual fire-wall between them? No, these people are always talking. I think the White House helps “shape” things in State and Defense. And certain helps their idiot Clapper make the points they want him to.

Just lies, it’s all just lies.

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