UK: Whatever Happened To Our Heatwaves?

The record temperature of 34.3C was set in 1990, and 1995 set the record for most days with six. The consecutive summers of 1975 and 1976 probably still stand out as the longest and hottest summers of all, with 1976 topping the averages with 23.1C. And there have been no days over 30C at all since 2006.

So once again we see that the modelling and the forecasts bear no resemblance to what’s actually been happening.

The temperature goes up, the temperature goes down… Been doing that for EONS doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon it appears.  If anyone cares, CO2 was about 20X today’s numbers and all we got were really big plants, and dinosaurs.

BTW, all the existing climate models have assumed that the earth has a hotspot circling the equator. Only problem is government study after study has tried to figure out where the non-existent hotspot has gone?

So tell me why you would initialize your computer models assuming this bogus input data. Makes no since, maybe that has something to do with why computer models are having trouble with reality….

Now the trick is just fudge the temperatures with “adjustments. Figures, liars figure.

Seems to me we would be far better off working on the new engine and transmissions to improve efficiency  rather than building little clown cars which are nothing but big golf carts. There was a time when we valued life and built cars that way.


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