MINUS 20C? Britain faces coldest winter for 100 years as Big Freeze follows

Remember this the worming we had been experiencing was recovery from the “Little Ice Age” of the late 1700s. It ended around 1850 and had been generally warming ever since, until recently about 16 years ago cooling began to slowly return. CO2 was rising all the long, disproving the hypothesis presented that CO2 does cause global warming. Computer models prove nothing except if you input crap you get out crap.

Scientific laws describe things.  They do not explain them.

For instance do you realize all 24 of the climate models use as input the imaginary warm blanket of CO2 that surrounds our equator? The only problem is multiple scientific undertakings to find the warm CO2 blanket have failed to find anything. So clearly it has been proven that that is falsified. Yet they still input the imaginary CO2 blanket as the initial conditions of the models.

It’s called GIGO.

And not only that the current conditions of rising CO2 has been met with falling temperatures. What up with that?

Britain shivers, from the Nov 27 report:

Britain will shiver tonight as temperatures plummet in the first taste of what promises to be one of our coldest winters for a century.

The cold snap is expected to last until the end of the week, creating dangerous conditions on the roads and adding to the misery of those already battling floods.

Temperatures could fall to as low as minus 3°c (27°f) in some places, with snow already falling in the Pennines. In Saltburn, North Yorkshire, northerly winds have become so strong that they are pushing water back up a cliff.

The torrential rain which has deluged the country for the last week is expected to ease at last but the clearer skies, coupled with northerly winds, will send the mercury plummeting.

Tonight’s cold snap heralds a freezing winter ahead with long-range forecasters warning that temperatures could fall to as low as minus 20°c (4°f) in some areas through December and January.

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