BBC Confirms That Polar Melt Has Almost No Effect On Sea Level

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‘Melting of polar ice sheets has added 11mm to global sea levels over the past two decades, according to the most definitive assessment so far’

Real Science analysis: ‘Two inches of sea level rise over the next 100 years’

Most of that is just natural variability. Climate always changes … Sea level has gone up 400 feet since the last Ice Age. These two inches are easily seen as measurement error.

Heck back when. CO2 was 8-10 times what it is today, and what did the extra plant food do, it caused plants to grow. In fact their is a scientific school of thought that say today’s CO2 level is too low for optimum. Can you imagine what increased crop yields would do now???

Remember CO2’s heat trapping ability is logarithmic. We long since passed the level where CO2 can add measurably to that.

If man-made climate change caused by man’s CO2 is real, and their is no hard evidence of that being true. All we have is a bunch of climate model garbage to go on. Real computer models would be testable by hind casting with them.

Since you know the last 100 years fairly accurately you can just initialize the models with the 100 year old data start point and run forwards until you reach today’s date. Then you can tell how good they are.

That’s how we engineers would have done it.

Not trying to convince people you can see the future, if you can’t reproduce the past. Go for all you alarmists.


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