Illeterate Obama Voters Get Their Due: Oops! Sorry Kids… Obama Forgot to Tell College Students He Cut Pell Grants Before Election

During the election this year the Obama Campaign released an online ad targeting young voters.

In the ad Obama told American youth that he kept his promise to make college more affordable.

Don’t feel too bad, kiddies, my first election I voted for Carter. Boy was that a BIG MISTAKE. Live and learn.

He forgot to tell them he cut Pell Grants. The information was released this week.

The Examiner reported:

Sorry, college students. President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants by 33%; he just forgot to mention it before Election Day.

During the recent campaign, President Obama claimed credit for increasing funding to the Pell Grant program, which provides college funds, free from repayment, to millions of students. However, an email sent out Tuesday to some Dallas college students is revealing a detail the President forgot to mention: the time a student can receive a Pell Grant has been cut, by as much as three years. With Pell Grants for the fall semester now dispersed, colleges are informing students of their options, bringing the cuts to light.

The email, sent out by the Dallas County Community College District, informed students of the changes to the Pell Grant program. It revealed that the number of semesters a student could receive a Pell Grant had been cut from 18 semesters down to 12. It is a detail likely unknown to most students; in fact, the cut in grants has gone largely unreported by the media.

Sorry kids. Is that why they are called kids in the first place, easily duped. I guess you don’t get an ObamaPhone either. LOL!!!


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