Upstream Supply Chain Sees Surface RT Orders Cut By Half

Is there any reason you know that MS fired the Windows 8 head honcho? I am not impressed with my Surface sit down session. No Sale, it’s too neutered for me.

DIGITIMES [Wednesday 28 November 2012]:

The upstream supply chain of Microsoft’s Surface RT has recently seen the tablet’s orders reduced by half, and with other Windows RT-based tablet orders also seeing weak performance, sources from the upstream supply chain believe the new operating system may not perform as well as expected in the market.

Microsoft originally expected to ship four million Surface RT devices by the end of 2012, but has recently reduced the orders by half to only two million units.

Although Asustek Computer, Samsung Electronics and Dell have all launched Windows RT-based tablets, consumer demand for those devices is also weak.

The sources also pointed out that Surface RT is also unlikely to achieve great performance in the upcoming quarter which may force Microsoft to bring out its Intel-based Surface Pro tablet earlier in December.

The sources also noted that Microsoft may consider reducing its Surface Pro price to attract more consumers; however, such a decision may put the already awkward relationship between the software giant and notebook vendors in an even worse situation.

No surprise to me.

I am still slogging through my brand new Windows 8 machine’s conversion back to a SSD running Windows 7. So far, slow going. Apple’s Fusion Drive software would be nice to integrate a SSD into Windows.

Looks like I need a book to figure out how???


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