Idle Time

There is a pattern here, not sure what it is though. Could it have something to be due to needing a battery that can deliver the needed 140,000 BTUs on just seven pounds of weight???


Cute car, high price, no batteries

Thanks to the bankruptcy filing by stimulus funded battery manufacturer A123 Systems Inc., stimulus-funded electric car manufacturer Fisker has idled production:

Fisker Automotive Inc said on Thursday that it has temporarily idled production of its Karma plug-in hybrid after its lithium-ion battery supplier A123 Systems Inc cut its output.

A123, which is the sole battery supplier for the Karma, slowed production after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October, Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher said.

Fisker has enough lithium-ion batteries on hand in case an owner needs a replacement, Ormisher said. The company expects to have clarity on its battery inventory after December 6, when an auction to sell A123 is scheduled.

Fisker itself, of course, has problems beyond their battery manufacturer. Their cars, which are hugely expensive, are also extremely unreliable. One of Fisker’s cars costs around $116,000, but when Consumer Reports tried to test one out it they couldn’t even get it started.

Oh, and sometimes they explode into flames.

All for a hoax.


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