Egypt: Mass Protests After Constitution Draft Approved

OK you know the drill, everybody back on your heads, in the crap. Break is over.

An Egyptian panel rushed through a draft constitution seen as undermining basic freedoms on Friday, resulting in mass protests in Cairo.

AFP reported that tens of thousands of protesters rallied as the opposition piled pressure on President Mohammed Morsi.

“Down with the constitutional assembly,” vast crowds armed with megaphones chanted as they filed into Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak in early 2011.

Our new dictator is better than the old dictator….

Banners condemned “dictatorial Morsi” while protesters shouted “down with the rule of the Guide,” a reference to the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, through whose ranks Morsi rose before becoming president.

The marches, led by opposition figures, set off from several Cairo districts early in the day to join the protesters in the square.

The Islamist-dominated assembly, tasked with drafting a new charter to replace the one suspended after Mubarak’s ouster, approved the draft early on Friday after an almost 24 hour-long session boycotted by liberals and Christians.

NoGo For Democracy, It’s The Islam Way. If You Don’t Like it we will gladly execute you next week.

The panel’s head, Hossam el-Ghiriani, said a delegation from the Constituent Assembly would visit Morsi on Saturday to present him the draft constitution. Morsi is expected to call for a referendum within two weeks.

Rights activists say the charter undermines freedoms of women and religious minorities while the opposition says it was rushed through to force an early referendum.


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