NIH Spends $100K To Teach Condom Negotiation

Ok so define “condom negotiation”. How about abstain. Someone explain hat 14 year olds are doing having sex?

From the Washington Examiner:

Feds: $100,000 to teach teen girls ‘condom negotiation’
By Paul Bedard | November 29, 2012

The administration is funding a $100,000 study of pregnant and “at-risk” 14-17-year-old girls on probation in Houston, Texas, to determine ways to help them choose safer lifestyles and avoid pregnancy, including better “condom negotiation” tactics.

The National Institutes of Health, part of the Health and Human Services Department, is providing a University of Houston researcher the money because of the lack of study of female teen juveniles in trouble with the law.

Remember, NIH is probably the most sacred of the sacred cows when it comes to federal spending. Not a penny of their funding can be cut, or they won’t be able to cure cancer.


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