South African Company to Build U.S. Plant to Convert Gas to Liquid Fuels

So it’s not that big a deal to make liquid transport fuel from natural gas. Didn’t everyone learn this in high school chemistry class? You know the ones about all the geeky long chain polymers and Hs and Cs and how they get linked up?

Well now there isn’t an American Company doing it, but South African, their new plant will convert natural gas to liquid fuels. SASOL has lots of experience showing the way with what is mostly related to Fischer-Tropshe technology although they are pretty secretive what and how they do it. Basically it’s a high tech refinery of sorts.

The advantage they have is they develop their technology and plant designs without the EPA.

They expect:

1,200 permanent jobs

7,000 construction jobs

Obama’s green energy has yielded nothing but eagle killing windmills, and some 40 year old solar panels to blanket the hillsides. At least the ones that worked. I believe the count is 51-zip for Obama green energy companies.

According to the New York Times no less:

In an ambitious bet that the glut of cheap natural gas in the United States will last for many years, a South African energy company announced on Monday that it would build America’s first commercial plant to convert natural gas to diesel and other liquid fuels.

Natural gas is the feed stock, although coal works as well.

The company, Sasol, which is based in Johannesburg, has been a pioneer in a technology that has tantalized energy scientists for decades over its potential to produce liquid fuels without using oil, which has historically cost far more than natural gas.

err, hey New York Times, ever heard of NAZI Germany? They were the first to do this, they did it by converting coal to diesel. They had no oil in Germany, just coal. Necessity the mother of invention.

Having already built smaller plants in South Africa and Qatar, Sasol has designed its new Louisiana plant to produce 96,000 barrels of fuel a day using its “gas to liquids,” or G.T.L., technology. It will be the second-largest plant of its kind in the world, after Royal Dutch Shell’s Pearl plant in Qatar, and will cost $11 billion to $14 billion to build.

“By incorporating G.T.L. technology in the U.S.A.’s energy mix, states such as Louisiana will be able to advance the country’s energy independence through a diversification of supply,” said David Constable, Sasol’s chief executive, at a news conference here Monday near the project’s planned location.

Yeah and Obama’s EPA is doing all it can to suppress the enabling technology, fracking. under a cloud of lies…

The facility will include a gas processing plant, a chemical plant and a refinery. All are required to perform the alchemy of converting natural gas into diesel, jet fuel and other chemical products.

What makes this southwestern corner of Louisiana attractive to Sasol is its proximity to bountiful shale gas fields just north of here and west in Texas. A boom in shale drilling has reduced the price of natural gas in the United States in the last four years by more than two-thirds, encouraging many energy and chemical companies to build and expand manufacturing plants around the Gulf of Mexico…

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Wait until America finds out how cheap you can convert coal to gasoline. A UT study did just that, and was able to easilt do that at less than $30 a barrel oil equivalent.



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  1. upaces88 says:

    This is a deliberate way to keep Americans Out Of Work and a way to continue driving up the debt paying them unemployment, food stamps, possible housing, etc.

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