‘Men Don’t Have To Worry About Being Caught’: Sex Mobs Target Egypt’s Women

Ahh the beauty of democracies …


Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

— Ben Franklin

Sounds like the writers need to tell the illiterate Bob Costas. Ever heard of Nicole Simpson, Bob. Well anyway…

NBC News writes:

Here is how democracies step into the light of tyranny, which Muslims seem to do with increasing frequency these days.

– Walaa Al Momtaz doesn’t leave her home for up to five days at a time. The neatly veiled 22-year-old misses her friends at City University, where she studies English and German, but what she faces upon leaving her house defeats her.

Men and boys constantly harass and threaten Al Momtaz on the bus, on the street and at the university.

“Every day men talk to me in a bad way, laugh at me and say things about what I am wearing,” she told NBC News. On a recent bus trip, a man stuck his hand through a gap in the seat to touch her.

Al Momtaz has gotten off relatively lightly.

Yes both sides do it…

On Nov 25, Al-Ahram state newspaper reported three women were sexually assaulted during anti-Morsi demonstrations by hundreds of men. 

Really, what man would join this?

In September, Eman Mostafa, 16, was gunned down after she spit in the face of a man who harassed her in the province of Assiut, according to police reports.

The Feb. 11, 2011, attack on CBS News’ Lara Logan as she filed a report for “60 Minutes” in Tahrir Square, epicenter of the uprising that forced dictator Hosni Mubarak to step down last year, brought international attention to the problem of sex attacks on women in public places.

Who was Hosni Mubarak?

Making sense why we should pride ourselves with Constitutional America. The hoards are a real bitch, and only tyrants can put them down. And that takes guns. You don’t want to live in a country without the moral rule of law.

The road back is going to be tough. Our Constitution is worth it.


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