Pot-Bellied Pig Shot Dead In Illinois

The streets are safe after police shot pig in Illinois. Why?

Not clear a really a big pig which weighed a mere 50 pounds. Not very big for pigs that easily reach hundreds of pounds. This type pig are normally fad pets.

Wouldn’t a simple rope work?


KMOV writes:

A pot-bellied pig that rambled for weeks through a southwestern Illinois city is no more after being shot and killed by a police officer.

The Belleville News-Democrat quotes Fairview Heights police Lt. Steve Evans as saying the black pig estimated to weigh 50 pounds was shot Sunday morning near a church.

Police had been assisting the city’s animal-control officers in trying to capture the pig they said destroyed personal property during its month or so on the loose.

When the pig was located Sunday, police contacted the county’s animal control to tranquilize it but was told the agency couldn’t do that because they didn’t have the right chemicals for that type of animal. Police then shot the pig.


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