Doha Post Mortem – Some Green Activists ‘Close to Despair’

Newsbytes from Dr. Benny Peiser of The GWPF

A couple of weeks ago the great global warming bandwagon coughed and spluttered to a halt in Doha, the latest stop on its never-ending world tour. The annual UN climate conference COP18 is no small affair. This is a bandwagon whose riders number in the thousands: motorcades of politicians, buses full of technocrats and policy wonks and jumbo-jets full of hippies travelling half way round the world, (ostensibly) to save the planet from the (allegedly) pressing problem of climate change  — Andrew Montford, The Spectator 9 December 2012

At the end of another lavishly-funded U.N. conference that yielded no progress on curbing greenhouse emissions, many of those most concerned about climate change are close to despair. –Barbara Lewis and Alister Doyle, Reuters, 9 December 2012


He’s dead Jim… DoHaHa — There is no CO2 caused global warming, hasn’t been. It was a lie from the start. Search for “ClimateGate”, if you want to know more.

The German media report that only a totally lame climate treaty compromise was reached in Doha: Kyoto I will be extended until 2020. For those calling for rapid reductions in CO2 emissions, the result in Doha can only be described as an utter disaster. The Doha agreement will do absolutely nothing to curb CO2 growth, let alone cut net CO2 emissions.

One reason is that few countries are left taking part. Online FOCUS magazine reports only a few countries have signed on to extending Kyoto I, which FOCUS calls a “minimal compromise”. Only 37 of 194 countries signed on. That means the treaty is internationally non-binding.

The only thing that is certain is that there are going to be many more climate junkets in the future, wasting more taxpayer money.

The left wing TAZ reports that these 37 countries are “responsible for about 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And it still remains open how high the planned reductions will be.” Those that signed on to make reductions couldn’t even tell us how much.

The conservative FAZ  reports on financial assistance to developing countries: “…there were lots of declarations of intent – and voluntary commitments from a few European countries.” But nothing binding here either.

The green activist Die Zeit also comments on aid to developing countries, writing: “there were only vague promises in the agreement. Indeed it says that ‘beginning in 2020 at least 100 billion dollars a year will flow from public, private and other sources’. But there is no agreement on where the money will come from or how much will be made available in the years leading up to 2020.” Here, too, lots of empty promises.

Finally Spiegel writes that USA has never signed the treaty and that Canada has dropped out. Spiegel didn’t even bother putting the news of the Doha result on its online front page.

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OK so now it’s screwball Obama’s move and his carbon taxing plans.


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