Washington Post complains Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense is too perfect

Works too well, shoots down most anything. And here you thought Muslims weresmart… Haha

Israel strengthened its military deterrence during the recent clash with Hamas by demonstrating that its Iron Dome missile defense intercepted Israel-bound rockets from Gaza 84 percent of the time. Most media accounts of Iron Dome in action marveled at its precision performance in preventing most of the rockets from reaching their targets in southern Israel – although a few did get through its new defensive net. Iron Dome was widely credited with keeping Israeli casualties to a bare minimum.

But that’s not exactly the view of the Washington Post in its Sunday, Dec. 9, edition. In a front-page article that spills over two pages inside the paper, correspondent Scott Wilson sees a decidedly darker side to Iron Dome. Its very success, he argues, could prompt Israel henceforth to go into a defensive crouch and lose interest in advancing the peace process (“In Iron Dome, an emblem of Israel’s unmet challenges”).

“Iron Dome has become an emblem of the unmet challenges that sit at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Wilson writes. The key issue, he adds, is whether Iron Dome will motivate Israel’s leaders to pursue peace with the Palestinians and the wider Arab world or insulate them from having to do so. “Israelis of various political leanings (not otherwise identified) see worrying evidence in the system’s defensive nature that their country, rather than working to resolve its security problems through decisive military action or lasting peace treaties, is acquiescing to a siege mentality

“If only Israel’s diplomacy could be as inventive, many Israelis (otherwise not identified) say, perhaps a solution to the Palestinian conflict could have been found by now.”

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  1. Ray's Mom says:

    Seems as if that perfection was the intent…perhaps someone should turn on the light for this writer

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