Gun Free Chicago’s 400th Homicide: Murder Rate At New High

And the citty that expects 500 muders this year, is averaging about 41 murders a month. a city that has outlawed gun ownership. So where is the media on reporting this truth? I guess they don’t care when blacks kill blacks, do they.

hmmm they only seem to care when they think they can whip up anti-gun sentiment, or white kids get killed, ehh… You remeber Zimmerman who was portrayed as a white shooter, when in actuality he was Hispanic.

This is only for the murder rate, not the total for violent crime in Chicago. See a trend??

We’re being played by the left wing media again!!!!


Violence over the weekend resulted in Chicago’s 400th homicide this year — that’s up 25 percent from the same time last year.

On Sunday, Jose Escobar, 25, was shot and killed after a fight near a fast food stand at 35th and Morgan in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. His friend was left paralyzed. Escobar’s family says he was a gang member, but was trying to change his life.

“In Chicago, the epidemic of violence is spreading all over the place,” said Ceasefire Illinois director, Tio Hardiman.

Under a grant from the city, the group recently started working with police in two neighborhoods, North Lawndale and Woodlawn. Results remain to be seen. Hardiman says slowing the city’s homicide rate will take changes in policing and community strategies. No one is off the hook, he says.

“This is giving us a black eye across the nation. We’ve reached the 400 homicide mark and we’re on pace to hit 500 homicides for the first time in several years. The mayor can only do so much.  Police can only do so much. We all have to play a role,” said Hardiman.

Would you go unarmed in Chicago? I think not, I carry when I leave the house, and no people have ever died because of my guns.

Didn’t the 7th Circuit Appeals court just order Illinois to “shall issue” gun carry permits, because as the court noted, the murder rate was too high and citizens need to be allowed arms. At least the court get’s it. And yes the 7th circuit includes Chicago.


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