Gun Inventory Way Down

Ammunition Stock levels have fallen by more than 90% from the pre-Election Day levels. Less than 10% remains available.  What did you think Homeland Security buying over a billion rounds would do???

Stock levels — Handguns are down by 80%, Long Guns by 63% for an overall 72.2% reduction in firearms inventories.

AR pattern rifles are becoming particularly difficult to source. Shops that used to have many, now have virtually none.


Obama did not disappoint… First up gun control. Where fast and Furious do not do, a new un-Constitutional gun ban will now be tried.

I sure hope Boehner gives it the Harry Reid treatment to budget in the House. Bring it up in 2016, or never.


3 Responses to Gun Inventory Way Down

  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    People are buying all these guns and ammo. My questions are for what ??? Who are they planning to shoot ?? What if the govt orders ALL FIREARMS are to be registered and the owners fingerprinted ?? What will they do then ?? Go to jail for lack of registration ?? What if the govt goes to a few cities and arrests/ jails people for not registering these guns. Will they still keep them ?? THEN WHAT… ????

  2. upaces88 says:

    I have no answers….they want to know who and where we are.
    They will imprison people or kill them on the spot.

    • Roy Mcdade says:

      The govt is setting up a system to ID these people and when the time is right, do WHATEVER is necessary to confiscate them….First thing people MUST DO is refuse to register them and let the hammer fall where it may….

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