The AW Case: Let’s Test The AW Case

As most of you know I suggested we test the AW case.

So I assume you all know Connecticut has an AW ban in place worse than any thing yet proposed. Right, You knew, yes?

If you didn’t know that then the linked laws should help you out, and you can apply logic as to what happened when the mentally ill shooter, stole his mother’s weapons and went to the gun free school and shot all the kiddies dead.

If you didn’t already know, then call your media and ask them why they didn’t tell you about that missed fine point?

Basically the reason Bush two let the prior AW bill expire in 2004, was it did exactly nothing according to DOJ data. Comubine is a testimony tpo how well it worked. I know, people don’t remember dates, so to refresh, The Columbine Schpool shooting happened on Tuesday April 20,1999. Only someone armed and on the scene as the NRA suggested, could have helped. And then the help had to be schooled in the use of a gun.

Did you know that mass murder shooters basically cease, when they know an armed opponent is in sight?

But did you know laws that put crazy people in supervised facilities do work?

What do you think would work? A fossilied old lady fantasy about scary guns, or a real mental heath organization that can actually help people?

You decide.


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