CBS News: More Guns in California, Fewer Dead Bodies

There is enough data to clearly show the results, from one state with what essentially amounts to two different types of people. The gun free part of the state has more murder, than the CCW armed part. Oh BTW it’s helmet headed difi’s very own state.

CCW high capacity assault magazines and all the rest save lives. I don’t see anywhere in the Second Amendment saying what people can and cannot own/carry? Do you. Or what the federal government can and cannot ban?


We’ve known for some time that the math supports the assertion that more guns in civilian hands means less crime. Now, arriving a little late to the party — but still welcome to join us — is none other than the plugged-in trend trackers at CBS News. A recent report cites the MASSIVE increases in Golden State firearms ownership corresponding to a significant decrease in injuries and murders committed with firearms . . .

California gun sales have steadily risen from 350,000 in 2002, to last year’s record. Recently, some gun owners became worried that President Obama’s reelection and the Newtown shooting will lead to more gun control. Military style weapons have become popular for target practice and self-defense.

Yet despite the rise in gun sales in California, there has not been a corresponding rise in gun deaths or gun injuries. Hospitalizations for gun injuries have actually dropped nearly 28 percent and gun deaths by 15 percent.

Despite? We’d say “because of” but that’s just us. It’s good to see the mainstream media is finally starting to actually do the math instead of the usual knee-jerk reaction and sensationalism we typically see. For once.

Let’s face it, the massacre in Newton was committed by a crazy person.


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