Solar Energy Instead of Food … We Had To Pave The Environment In Order To Save It

Incredibly short sighted!!!

Fresno County judge rules in favor of I-5 solar project

Jan 03 – The Fresno Bee, Calif.

A Fresno County judge has ruled that a solar energy project along Interstate 5 can move forward despite arguments from the state farm bureau that it will eat up valuable California farmland.

The decision, which comes as good news to the state’s burgeoning solar industry, is the first handed down in the ongoing land war between solar developers seeking real estate for renewable energy and Central Valley farmers trying to protect their tillage.

While the ruling pertains only to the Fresno County project, the decision sends a message across the Valley that agriculture doesn’t necessarily reign supreme.

“I do think it gives a boost to the solar development community,” said Kristen Castanos, a partner at the law firm Stoel Rives in Sacramento who has represented energy ventures and tracked solar efforts on farmland. “This gives counties and developers a little more confidence in moving forward.”


Show me one solar project that has actually generated what they said it would.

Point out which one of Obama’s green energy crap companies has really done anything, except be a hole in the ground that he dumps taxpayer money into… Just one!!

Why there is no market for high energy priced electricity.

We now have cheap natural gas everywhere which is recoverable, thanks to our new horizontal drilling breakthroughs.

Corn costs 2.5 times the CO2 that using oil does. And solar panels, you don’t want to know what they actually cost, per kw output. You would laugh, yourself silly if you did.

In this case, the article cited above goes on to say (emphasis mine):

Superior Court Judge Donald Black found last month that Fresno County officials acted appropriately two years ago when they canceled a farm-conservation contract that allowed a solar development to proceed on ag land near Coalinga.

The California Farm Bureau Federation sued the county, alleging that the Board of Supervisors did not have the right to cancel the contract put in place under the state’s farm-friendly Williamson Act.

Black said county supervisors met Williamson Act requirements for canceling the contract.

“All parties concede the development of renewable energy is an important public interest both in the state of California and in Fresno County,” Black wrote.

I’m sorry, but there is no public interest in wildly expensive solar power. Nor should  County officials be able to break a legal contract at their whim, based on some fanciful claim of a public benefit. The only people being benefited here, above the table at least, are the owners of the project. The owners will be paid a highly inflated price for their power, which I and other ratepayers will be forced to subsidize. Expensive subsidized energy is not in the public interest in any sense.

Being a judge does not necessarily make you smart. Remember that.

You remember the Counting Crows song Big Yellow TaxiTo Save Paradise You Put Up a Parking Lot. Now might be the right time to hit play. Yeah I know it’s a 1991 Beserkly hippie band.


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