CES 2013: Nvidia Unveils Next-Generation Tegra 4

Nidia has unveiled its latest mobile processor, dubbed the Tegra 4. The new processor boasts a number of improvements, including 72 graphics cores and better imaging capabilities. The CPU is based on ARM’s latest Cortex A-15 architecture, which gives it a considerable boost compared to the current ARM Cortex A-9 based Tegra 3 quad-core chipset. The new chip sticks to Tegra 3’s 4-plus-1 design. In this design, a fifth smaller core helps regulate the power among the four more powerful cores.

The biggest feature of the Tegra 4 is the 72 graphics core. This is a full six times higher than the Tegra 3. Another feature is the HDR capability of the chipset. The processor quickly takes two photos at different exposure levels and combines them into a single photo that has higher richness in terms of light and colour. While other chips also have this capability, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang claims that the Tegra 4 takes shots at a rate of 0.2 seconds per frame. This is faster than the iPhone 5, which takes HDR shots in 2 seconds. Other camera-based features of the Tegra 4 include the ability to take panorama shots with HDR and the ability to track moving objects. The second one especially is notable, as the company claims that the chip can track these objects without any blurring.

Nvidia has also revealed that it will be sampling its LTE enabled i500 modem to partners. These new modems consist of eight processors, which allow them to deliver 1.2 trillion operations per second. This would allow Nvidia to push out the Tegra 4 chipset to more tablet and smartphone partners.


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