Police: Calif. Teens Drug Parents To Use Internet

Sheesh kids of today

Two California teenagers used prescription sleeping medication to drug the milkshakes of their parents so they could use the internet.The parents had apparently dared to impose a curfew on the teen’s internet use, and so the kids took things into their own hands. According to press reports the girls offered to pick up milkshakes at a fast-food restaurant for the parents of one of the girls on Friday.

The drug was mixed into the shakes, and the couple fell asleep. However the parents smelt a rat and got one of the shakes tested. The girls told investigators they wanted to use the internet, which the parents shut down daily at 10pm. The parents called the cops, and the teens were rounded up. It is not clear if the parents thought that the girls had done it, or whether or not they were blaming someone else until the girls fessed up.

Imagine when the parents found out …There is all sorts of speculation about what teen girls were doing online that warranted a 10pm curfew.

And it was to just fulfill their Internet addiction. hmmm, what were they doing???

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