Going Classic: 1911s for Concealed Carry

The bigger is better crowd would be proud. The 1911 45 ACP remains to this day, the man-stopper of choice when you only get one shot in. Make it count. And at that there is none better than the 1911 45 ACP handgun. BTW It is a 1906 year design, which with some slight changes was inducted into the WWI fray. Now it’s back!!!

Here is an example of what I am talking about, this one is made by Kimber:

KimberProCarry 2

They call it their “Concealed CARRY”model, if you are interested. There are literally dozens of models and manufacturers available. And likely to not be on any gang bangers list. It does take a certain acquired skill to use effectively, once mastered…. Cocked and locked, the preferred carry mode, Jeff Cooper referred to this as condition one.

The 1911 is a classic firearm. Designed by John Browning for Colt and adopted by the U.S. military just before World War I, it has remained a weapon of choice not only for many military personnel and police officers, but a growing number of concealed carry permit holders around the country as well. The 1911 went through slight changes during it’s early years, as battlefield testing showed where improvements could be made.

Nowadays all these improvements have been incorporated in the current market.

Practically every handgunner has one already. Me it’s my nightstand gun. So don’t get any ideas… LOL.

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Simple concept, government limits capacity of smaller rounds, the 45 ACP is a big round so it has always been a single stack 7-8 round proposition. So in response, people will shelve their “little high capacity nines” and begin using their one shot big bore wonders. It has been in production since 1911, hence the name, so no patent claims or other encumbrances are allowed.

Big bore, makes bigger holes. Simple as that.


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