Cold Claims Over 300 Lives In Eastern Europe, Media Pretends It’s Global Warming

Cold Claims Over 300 Lives In Eastern Europe – Tens Of Thousands Without Power…Media Pretend It’s Warming!

The European media are just too embarrassed about having gotten it completely wrong when it comes to global warming. So they just continue pretending that the cold isn’t really happening. As people are freezing to death all around them this winter, they keep telling themselves (and us) it’s getting warmer! I’ve never witnessed such an astonishingly surreal situation.

As hundreds of lives are being lost this winter, the media refuse to see it, talk about it, to believe it. Instead they keep telling the people something has to be done about the warming. They tell us about Australia 20,000 km away. This is like watching a weird Star Trek episode of a planet where people are walking around like zombies. Can someone send a doctor over to declare this media brain dead?

To get the news about the deadly cold that is gripping Europe, Russia, Siberia and a large part of Asia, you really have to search beyond the flat-line mainstream media.

For example, Blick website today has the story on how so far this winter over 300 people have frozen to death in Eastern Europe:

Many cold deaths in Poland and Russia

Because of the cold, many persons in Poland, Russia and Lithuania have died. because of the forecast temperature fall to -20°C in the coming days, the Ministry of Interior in Warsaw on Tuesday has reminded the public to be more cautious. […]

19 people have frozen since the beginning of the year in Poland, 3 on Sunday alone. So far this winter more than 100 people have died. After water pipes had burst because of freezing, tens of thousands of Poles are now cut off from electricity.

In Russia the number of deaths due to the cold has climbed to about 190, this according to authorities in Moscow via Interfax news agency. Just in the last few days alone 7 people died of hypothermia.”

The death toll does not include the dozens that have died in Belarus, Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe, and so it is likely much higher.

NASA says next ice age on the way. I guess when the ice piles up to the windows at the NYTimes, then they will tell us…


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