Hannity Invites World Champion Shooter Jessie Duff To “Debunk” Gun Myths On Fox News – Jan 22, 2013

Competitive shooter Jessie Duff appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” last week, where she showcased her marksmanship skills. On Tuesday night, she returned to the show to talk about gun control initiatives, clarify how semi-automatic weapons operate and to debunk some myths about firearms. As for this latter point, the champion shooter addressed misconceptions that often-times color individuals’ views about guns.

“These are all semiautomatic firearms and when you pull the trigger once it fires once,” Duff said. “They don’t spray bullets everywhere like you see in Hollywood or in the movies or video games.”

The shooter also attempted to explain that the AR-15, which is the weapon that has received the most scrutiny of late, isn’t actually as sinister as media accounts have portrayed it. Among other elements that sometimes get lost in translation, Duff noted that the context surrounding the gun is often misrepresented in media.

“There’s just a miscommunication of what the AR-15 really is,” she said. “You hear the term assault weapon or assault rifle and it’s used to often in the media, but they’re using it, in my opinion, in the wrong context.”

Duff explained that n assault rifle is fully automatic and will “fire rounds until the feeding device is empty,” whereas an AR-15, contrary to the ideas that have been advanced by some gun control advocates, does not have this capability. In addition to making these clarifications, the shooter also expressed concerns about clip limits and other restrictive proposals.

Watch Duff’s comments, below:

This champion knows what she’s talking about, too. According to Duff’s web site, she has won global and domestic championship shooting titles. From the Bianchi Cup to the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships, she had made a name for herself. In addition to competing, Duff also educates the public — as she has done in her “Hannity” appearances — about the elements surrounding the sport.

You can also see her in full competitive form during the 2012 USPSA Limited Nationals, below:

Here’s another clip of her competing during the same event:


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