Lomborg: Electricity Prices For German Households Have Increased 61% Since 2000 – Renewables Blamed

You need to understand a few things.

First Germany is loaded with coal. It’s why the German’s in WWII used coal to liquids technology to fuel their war machine.

And recently the hated George Bush had built a coal gasification plant in Tampa Electric, Polk County Florida, to prove out the coal gasification technology, and the efficiency changes and lowered emissions this produces.

Your electricity costs will necessarily have to skyrocket 

It’s about to become important to you, as Obama says he is going to pursue doing something about all the lies that make up the global warming hoaxers daily religion.

Hey even NASA can no longer hide the truth. The sun did it…

Back to my article about German electricity costs:

Story today about the article in Spiegel, Bjørn Lomborg writes on his Facebook page:

Real German electricity prices for households have increased 61% since 2000. One quarter of household costs now stems directly from renewable energy. Also, the increase is *not* because of increasing production costs (which have actually slightly declined since 1978).

The increase is due to dramatically increasing taxes, most noticeably from the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). In 2013 the EEG will increase 50% to 6.28 euro-cent (5.28 cents plus 19% VAT).

In June 2011, Chancellor Angela Merkel famously promised to keep EEG prices stable, but this promise has now clearly been broken. The German household will pay 24% of its electricity bill to renewables.

Perhaps this is why more people are stealing wood from German forests (http://bit.ly/VMllfs) and likely why up to 800,000 people can’t pay their electricity bills (http://bit.ly/XcK7nv). Some estimates show costs could escalate to €300 billion by 2030 (http://bit.ly/Qab1Hr).

Notice, that industry still pays much less and about the same as it paid in 1978.
Data from OECD (prices http://bit.ly/10IXX5J, with 2012 estimated from first two quarters from IEA, and adjusted with German Consumer Price Index (MEI),http://bit.ly/UkWaj7)

Yes, their costs have already gone up 61% because the German government bought into the glaobal warming hoax.


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