Obama Tells World, You Are On Your Own Now

We got to divert our money to our welfare class, to our moochers and looters …

It has taken four years of Obama’s first term, but Europe in particular and every other nation in general understands it is being told “You’re on your own.” The once great superpower that other nations looked to for defense and support is increasingly an island surrounded by two great oceans.

And first up is al Qaeda in Mali, the French attack in North Africa. Hey you didn’t think Obama meant it when he said al Qaeda was dead, did you?

And al Qaeda in Mexico? What’s that all about? Who do they think they are attacking their?

The Telegraph writes:

Killing Osama bin Laden (or rather, signing off on the ongoing military operation that killed him) might have given Barack Obama a great electoral pitch, but what exactly did it accomplish for the security of the United States and its interests? Al-Qaeda is back – big time. As a man who knew something about indefatigable terrorist organisations once said, “They haven’t gone away, you know.” As we learn more of the horrific details of the Algerian hostage crisis, it becomes clear that the old outfit is getting on just fine without its nominal head, scoring a hit of quite spectacular global proportions, which threatened nationals from as large a number of countries as would ever be likely to gather in one place of employment. I wonder how much attention this incident – or for that matter, the murder last year of an American ambassador in Libya by an organised al-Qaeda attack – will be given in Mr Obama’s second inaugural address tomorrow?

Al-Qaeda is no longer, of course, an organisation in the true sense at all. It is just a nom de guerre for all those Islamist jihadis who share a common purpose of driving the West – and its decadent notions of secular democracy – from the territories which it regards as its own. Where there was once a close-knit homicidal gang which could be pursued through the badlands of the Afghan border with Pakistan, there is now just a “loosely affiliated network” of freelance murderers, whose primary aims are to destabilise existing governments that are not Islamist (Mali, Algeria) and to exploit the instability created in the wake of pro-democratic uprisings (Egypt, Libya). This transformation had been ongoing for over a decade, ever since 9/11 made Osama too hot to go near. For all its symbolic value, by the time it happened, his death was largely irrelevant.

This has not prevented the Obama administration from effectively declaring that the war is over – at least, for the US. Whatever mopping up there is to be done of the anarchic franchise that al-Qaeda left behind, it will be for the old colonial nations to settle. France – with the help of Britain – was left to deal with Libya, trailed at a safe distance by the US, which offered only minimal assistance. Again, in Mali, France – with some help from the UK – is intervening at considerable cost financially and politically, to protect a sitting government from a violent Islamist uprising. And again, the Obama White House is making it clear that there will be no involvement of US forces. To the charge that this ought to be America’s moral business too, that it is the only global superpower and that it alone possesses the military force to defeat international terror, there is only one stony-faced reply: we killed Osama. We settled the score. We are no longer the world’s bodyguard.

Indeed, Mr Obama started making this clear very early on in his first term. On his triumphal tour of Eastern Europe, he greeted the rapturous crowds with a bluntly uncompromising message. Announcing the withdrawal of the US missile shield from Poland and the Czech Republic, he made it brutally clear how things were going to be from now on. The Cold War is over, he said, pretty much in so many words: you’re on your own. The US could no longer be regarded as the protector of every free country in the world. If European countries were under threat from their neighbours (or, it seems, from Islamic fundamentalists) they would have to spend their own money to defend themselves. The US was going home to tend its own fire – which is to say, build its own social democratic welfare state.

Pray for our traditional ally, Israel.

Didn’t you know there are no more Islamic terroists in the world. The media didn’t tell you? It’s only when they show up in places like Bengahzi that that myth goes pop. And now Mali, where the French has us covered their.


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