First Presidential Debate? Senator Rubio Grills Hillary Clinton On Benghazi Attack

Rubio gets a head start …

During Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s long awaited appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss the failure in security at the Benghazi consulate in Libya, Senator Marco Rubio questioned Clinton on what she, and here State Department had done to ‘secure’ American assets in Libya.

Rubio asked Clinton if she was ever asked to participate in any internal or inter-agency meeting about the deteriorating security situation in Libya, prior to the before the Benghazi attack?

Clinton said that she had no knowledge of any specific security requests, and that she was in attendance at one meeting in October 2012 and discussed  a” long list of ways to improve security in Libya.”

Clinton also said they talked “a great deal about the deteriorating threat environment in Libya.”

The Secretary of State all but said that she and the department  put all of their faith and trust in the Libyan militias, due to the fact  that the  Libyan government was still in shambles, and unable to meet “obligatory security measures as a host country.”

Rubio then asked her to specifically state what had the U.S. offered to  help for Libya build “its security capacity.” Clinton responded by telling the Senator that she would send me the memo. While it wasn’t much of a debate, could Rubio’s questioning of Clinton be considered the first presidential debate, or a glimpse at what we could expect in 2016?

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