Chicago’s Collectivist Despot Presses Economic Warfare Against Gun Makers

Chicago’s Collectivist Despot presses economic warfare against gun makers. Go after the banks, which Obama owns.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, moving to take a lead role in the gun control debate, is turning up the pressure on banks that do business with firearms manufacturers.

Emanuel is sending letters to two major financial institutions, TD Bank and Bank of America, which offer lines of credit to gun makers suggesting that they stop lending money to the manufacturers if they don’t come out for new gun restrictions.

Think about this … first you creat a crisis, then you fix the crisis. Then you control the people, no loans for you. Is it illegal to do business with firearms manufacturers?

See how Obamanomics works?

Rahm ‘dead fish’ Emanuel, is nothing more than Obama’s stooges in street clothing.

So what are we up to in the Chicago dead count in Illinois’ gun free shooting gallery?

In gun free Chicago, thirty-one homicides have been logged so far this year. Forty homicides were recorded in January 2012, RedEye data shows. Tell me, slo Joe, how gun control and banning guns improves safety. What’s the problem with Chicago??? Wanna talk about gun free WDC???


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