Global Lukewarming???

Global Lukewarming?

Michaels comments: “People are beginning, cautiously, to dial back 21st century warming because there has been none. Because dreaded sea-level rise is also proportional, those estimates are going to have to come down, too.”

How do you dial back a hoax. Is there some magic pixy dust you sprinkle on te government lies. On Obamo’s tail feathers?

Why bother with telling the truth? The amount of heat that could be trapped by CO2 has already been exceeded. You see, CO2 infrared heat trapping ability, it is logarithmic. So all the infrared heat that can be trapped by CO2 has already been trapped, and that is minimal in it’s own right. End of story.

And these so called scientist, they must know how the perform the simple physics experiment that proves that statement. You learn that in high school science.

And about that sea level rise, the sea level goes up and down with the modern ice ages. And that is about 400 feet, or about 100 meters. The millimeters left is basically measurement error. How exactly do you mean the changing, windblown sealevels?


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