HOW Many People Were Killed by the EPA in the Ten Years the Since The First AW Ban Lasped

By far the biggest killers of Americans is traffic deaths. Why not ban cars?

Do you realize how many thousands of people were killed by the EPA during the tens years the AW ban had beenn allowed to expire, because it did not work?

Do you know how many 1000’s of lives were saved by CCW holders in the same period.

Low information voters, pay attention.

Why? Because their cars were too lightweight for the task intended. How many crashes when unintentional deathes resulted from ridiculous fuel economy standards. Because one of the most effective ways to meet EPA standards, is with lighter cars.

Remember physics does not bend well. F= ma. If you are on the wrong end of that you are gonna die. The only hope is a more weighty car.

I dirve a 5,000 lb. SUV, to just piss off a liberal the most. It gets a bout 25 MPG on the highway, because it is fulltime four wheel drive. About 18-20 MPG in city driving.

So why not ban cars, it would save far more lives than any wet dream AW ban would?

Whynot just issue all the people in the country their own little government approved rubber cocoon where they cab sit quitely all day and consume government propaganda? At least we would all be safe.


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