Schweizer and Bannon on Hannity : ” Boomtown “

Sean Hannity’s one-hour special “Boomtown,” an inside look at how the cancer of cronyism is eroding free market capitalism. The special, co-hosted by Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President and co-founder Peter Schweizer and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, will rip back the curtain on how Washington, D.C. has become the richest city in America.

(partial video)

What the lamestream media won’t tell you, for obvious reasons.

As you struggle to stay afloat, or even find a job, WDC is doing find.

What Obama crony capitism has wrought.

“The battle against cronyism is the new front in the war for economic freedom,” says Schweizer. “Big spending politicians have discovered a devastatingly effective way to sink their talons into the competition that fuels capitalism. Building wealth is wonderful, but wealth built on the backs of taxpayers is an affront to free markets.”

Bannon agrees. “It’s a bipartisan problem. But the Obama Administration has taken crony capitalism to a whole new level. Being pro-free markets is not the same thing as being pro big business. ‘Boomtown’ explains the difference.”

Because WDC is a boomtown, it’s bad for the rest of the country. The turd worlders in WDC are sucking the life blood out of America.

Here is the full show, it’s over 40 minutes.

If you care about your country, this is a must watch video.


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