WallStreet Comes To Florida

‘Wall St.’ flees NY for tax-free FL…

Stocks still a sucker’s bet?

No State taxes, and better weather year round in Florida.

Fleeing NY’s and Bloomberg’s high tax panacea??? Do trading floors even matter anymore? Or is all trading done electronically anyway???

And just for fun it’s hard to find another industry going out of business quicker than printed liberal newspapers. My wife was a newspaper woman … At a one time conservative newspaper.

Decline In Printed Newspaper Leads To Puppy Poop Problems…

And now even birdcage liners and puppy crappers are threatned. In our area the Newspaper moved their publishing and distribution to the illegals part of our county, to cut costs. Noone but tourists are seen reading the newspapers anymore. It’s all pads for the rest of us.


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