Brace for more IRS paperwork: Obamacare costs in new W-2 tax forms

The new W-2 forms include the employee healthcare contribution to you, which is the off tax costs to employers to supply you with Healthcare. Yes it’s the normal costs associated with providing you with healthcare.

Set up for next Obama to tax?

Washington Times reports:

Internal Revenue Service W-2 forms are in the mail, and recipients this month will see something new: The total costs the employer pays for health care coverage.

It’s in Box 12, and it’s a mandated Obamacare disclosure, Newser reports.

The disclosure is aimed at rising consumer awareness of the true costs of health care. Unions are wary, however; members worry the disclosures could lead to higher health benefit taxes, Newser states.

“Most people who get health insurance from their employers have no idea how much it costs,” said one University of Kentucky health care analyst, according to the media report. “People are often shocked when they see the cost, $12,000 to $16,000 a year. Many Americans believe this is something they get free.”

Libturds setting you up for the sting … what they know they can’t do from the getgo…


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