Collectivist Dog And Pony Show

The latest “we have to do something” or …

You being whipsawed…. From one loser libtard cause to the next.

We got to do something

about … fill in the blanks

about guns,

about immigration,

and the old saw,

about healthcare …

Isn’t once enough for you to figure out what is going on…


It’s how propaganda works …

Senators, guns sharing center stage at hearing

Senators gripe: We can’t bring guns to hearing

Michael Bloomberg: Joe Biden has ‘set of balls’

Bloomberg’s Washington footprint explodes

Gabby Giffords to testify at Senate gun hearing

and for good measure I throw in this gem …

Dems Tout Claim: ‘Best-Looking Contraction in U.S. GDP You’ll Ever See’

Ho hum, the propaganda is thick. Who is the target audience, you never do anything without the follow on lamestream comments, so you have to wait until tonight to get the edited comments from the propagandist in our so-called media. Got to be the low information voters(The Obama moron voters), who if had the facts would probably, just walk out on the propaganda.

I say probably, because you never know with morons.

A free more”Gun Free Chicago headlines …

CCity murders more than double Afghan death toll…

Records Deadliest January In 11 Years…

See how efficient are the police? It’s colder than all get out in Chicago.

Do you know Chicago already bans the so called Assault Weapons? And it does nothing. Neither does a total gun ban. The gang bangers know. They have an unarmed herd of sheep, so they kill at will.


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