Gun Free Chicago Goes For the Gold…

2012 was a bad year for homicides in Chicago. So far, 2013 is FAR worse.

…. And so they banned assault weapons, they banned handguns, they banned rifles then they banned shotguns, and now they banned everything gun, and still up, up and away. hmmm ….

Could it be that gun bans don’t work, hey liberals, can you think? Bamo your hometown now, your mayor boy, what say you?

Chicago Tribune writes:

A lifetime of promise was beginning to unfold. At 15, Hadiya Pendleton was a sophomore at one of Chicago’s most selective high schools, a majorette and a volleyball player, looking ahead to college. She was contemplating a double major because she couldn’t decide between journalism and pharmacy. Only a week ago, she performed with the school band at President Barack Obama’s inaugural festivities. Her summer agenda included trips to Dublin and Paris.

In the words of her godmother: “She was the kid who you had to say, ‘Slow down, you can’t do everything.'”

But Hadiya was killed in a spray of gunfire Tuesday while relaxing with friends at a South Side park, three blocks from King College Prep, where she’d just finished taking exams. She was the third homicide victim in Chicago that day, the 42nd in January 2013.

A year ago there were 40 homicides in January, the most since 2002, and Chicago finished 2012 with more than 500. Citizens weary of the incessant bloodshed had hoped last year would turn out to be an aberration. We had hoped this year Chicago would be safer, that we would no longer have to look with envy at the far-safer climes of New York and Los Angeles.

You want safer, grant citizens CCW permits. Then the gang bangers won’t know how to attack, and eventually they will get it wrong. Might take a few years, but they will learn. It’s like with car jacking in Florida, a not non-existent sport.

Yeah let’s all do what Chicago does. You know the definition of stupidity, doing the same think and expecting a different result … go for stupid people.


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