Menendez’s Alleged Dominican Prostitution Spree Coincided With Crusade Against Prostitution in Cuba

Continuing with our all the news that is fit to print comes out on Saturday and Sunday … Doesn’t the distraction irony just slap you upside the head??

The Daily Caller reports …

Despite allegations that Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic on several occasions in recent years, he has been a persistent critic of the Cuban regime for economic conditions that have led to widespread prostitution among young people.

“The average Cuban worker lives on an income of less than $1 a day,” Menendez said during a March 2, 2009 Senate floor speech, arguing that the communist Cuban dictatorship’s policies caused nationwide poverty.

“This poverty has an enormous cost,” the son of Cuban emigres to the U.S. explained. “The widespread desperation of families has forced far too many young girls and boys into becoming sex workers, even though defenders of the Revolution constantly cite the elimination of prostitution as one of its supposed accomplishments.”

“In fact,” Menendez noted. “A few years ago Cuba was listed by Voyeur Magazine as the sex tourism hot spot of the world. So much for that success of the revolution of eliminating prostitution.”

Does Tucker Carlson want to enter the FNC, of love to hate Democrat must read sites, sphere by reporting real news??? It’s so bad for FNC, they forbid Democrats from going on their shows.


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