Boeing Still Has Dreamliner Down…ER

Lately renamed Nightmareliner. But the worst for the company may be yet ahead as new aircraft orders collapsed from 183 in December to a meaningless 2 in January. BOEING warned more bad news to come … to come as Boeing just warned its first Norwegian delivery due in April may be delayed.

But while it was expected that the company’s quality control failure would eventually catch up to it, the broader implication is that this month’s Durable Goods number, released February 27 and of which transportation is always a key variable at least at the headline level, will be a disaster.

From Stone McCarthyGreen weenie hits Boeing sales …

After the now several week old exploding battery fiasco, Boeing is nowhere closer to resolving the recurring problem for its appropr

 New orders for aircraft at Boeing plunged to a mere 2 in January, down 181 from the hefty 183 in December. This is a rapid drop after four months of strong orders, and will have a big impact on the transportation component for January durable goods orders when it is published at 8:30 ET on Wednesday, February 27.
Wouldn’t the old way have been better? Yes but think of the children and all that CO2. Begs the question should cell phone batteries power airliners? We already know about the exploding batteries in cell phones and Pads…

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