We all know that in the real world, this doesn’t happen, RIGHT.

A knife-wielding criminal attempted to hold up a convenience store in Millcreek, Utah on Monday, but left with no money and no dignity. After the robber pulled out his knife and demanded the contents in the register, the store owner said “no,” drew his handgun and generously offered the crook the chance to run.

The robbery suspect, identified as 28-year-old Mexican national Luis Guiterrez Gonzales entered the Tesoro convenience store at around 11:47 a.m. Monday.

“He just walked all the way over here, pulled out his knife and said, ‘Hey, open the register and give me your money.’ I thought, ‘Wow,’ ” the store owner and clerk, Ahmed Nazir, said.

He then told the crook bluntly, “no… I’m not going to do that.” The next thing the criminal saw was the barrel of a .45 cal handgun.

“I pulled out my gun and I said, ‘Just leave your knife here and leave the store.’ And he left,” Nazir added.

Video here …

Gonzales gladly fled the scene of the crime. He even left his knife with Nazir as he requested.

“Nazir called police, who found Gonzales moments later at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant,”KSL-TV reports. He was arrested on investigation for one count of aggravated robbery, a felony.


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