Los Angeles Gunman Motivated by Racism

you didn’t read his manifesto… Nether did the lamestream. IT=t probb=ably be to hard for them to do real reporting about this raving leftist killer.

The former policeman being hunted in California over three murders said in his “manifesto” that he had been racially abused in the force.

The UK Telegraph has details:

Some 125 officers were deployed in and around Big Bear, east of Los Angeles, where police found the Nissan pickup truck belonging to Christopher Dorner, 33, who had posted a chilling online manifesto.

“We’ll keep working on it until we’re able to either locate the suspect, or determine that he’s no longer in the Big Bear Valley,” said San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon, as schools and ski lifts were put on lockdown.

“We did find some tracks around the vehicle, but they did not lead to the suspect … we are committed to continuing this operation.”

It also emerged that Dorner had sent a package a week ago to CNN host Anderson Cooper, with a note saying “I never lied,” a DVD and a coin shot through with bullet holes, the news anchor said.

At least they do real reporting … The Who, What, Where, Why, When and How type news stuff that our media used to know about, now days it all about the lamestream covering for Obama in near every story. They are useless as real news sources.

On network TV last night, all the channels had no coverage. Apparently it didn’t fit their anti-gun bullshit story line. I mean it;s about a fired ex-cop going on a revenge trip.

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