Where Does It End

First they cam for the big eaters, thne they came for the big gulp, then they come for the cups. That’ll teach them.

Could plastic foam containers get 86′d from the menu of takeout food options in the nation’s biggest city?

A sanitation official said Wednesday the idea is actually under discussion.

Polystyrene foam, sometimes sold under the brand name Styrofoam, has long been popular among restaurateurs for lightweight, heat-retaining containers, but environmentalists complain it takes years to break down in trash. Some communities around the country have barred eateries from using to-go containers made of it.

As New York City officials prepare a report on how to double the city’s residential recycling rate, the foam is “one of the things that you have to look at,” Department of Sanitation Deputy Commissioner Ron Gonen said by phone Wednesday.

“It may or may not be a component of the overall plan,” due in a few weeks, said Gonen, who oversees recycling and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Agena 21 anyone???

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