President Finally Shows His Face After $1m Golfing Weekend With Tiger Woods that White House Didn’t Want World to See

Out playing with the 1% again are we  ??? Ow, the optics…

All weekend it has been blowing up a gale and temps in the 30’s. Even the birds were grounded in their overcoats …

No word no what Tiger Wood’s ex had to say about it all. The Wood’s divorcee couldn’t be reached for comment …

The Daily Mail Reports( British news ):

Pictures finally appeared of President Obama on Monday evening as he headed home to Washington after a relaxing golf weekend which was kept heavily under wraps.

The President was on the course on Monday for the third and final day of a Florida vacation with departing US Trade Representative Ron Kirk, the president’s Chicago pal Eric Whitaker and White House aide Marvin Nicholson.

The President had enjoyed a round of golf with Tiger Woods on Sunday – a fact that only emerged by chance after media were banned from attending the event. The traveling pool of journalists who follow the President’s every move were reportedly furious after being shut out of his round of golf and not being allowed on to the club grounds.(they had to sit on the bus).

What Your Tax money pays for ...

What Your Tax money pays for …

It has long been a White House tradition that pool reporters cover the President’s rounds of golf and even have the opportunity for a few questions on the course.

The President waved as he jogged up the steps of Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport on Monday evening while a White House aide heaved golf clubs and large bags on board.

When he landed back in Washington and walked across the White House lawn, several frustrated reporters collectively shouted to the President to ask if he had beaten Tiger Woods.

Despite appearing to have heard the question, the Daily Caller reported, Obama did not answer the question but just smiled.

The President was relaxing on a trip to the Floridian, an exclusive club along the Treasure Coast.

The club’s owner is Jim Crane, a Houston businessman who also owns baseball’s Houston Astros. Crane also has given money to Obama’s political campaigns.

The White House had barred media coverage of the president’s golf holiday but released the names of his partners.

Obama arrived in Florida late on Friday and returned to Washington on Monday night.

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