Panic Buttons Latest Foolish Responsibility Dodge On School Safety

“Back to our drill: No time to hesitate — those shots and screams are getting closer. Oh, God, he’s right outside the d…”

A post-Newtown panel headed by anti-gun Connecticut Democrats Andrew Fleischmann and Beth Bye is rejecting armed guards and embracing emergency “panic” buttons, the Hartford Courant reported Tuesday. Aside from funding considerations, Democrat Roberta Willis challenged deployment of armed first responders asking “How effective is it?”

Ask yourself how many rounds does a panic button hold. And would a lapel ribbon be about as effective?

Rather than look to places like Utah, a state where concealed weapon permit holders are not prohibited from bearing arms in public schools, and a place where there have been no school shootings, Willis and her colleagues can instead look to Georgia, where “Marietta Public Schools have added ‘panic buttons’ to its schools in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.”

The buttons are also all the rage in Alabama, where “Teachers and staff at the Orange Beach Elementary School … wear these buttons around their necks in case of emergency,” and where, “once the button is pushed, the school goes on lockdown with students locked inside their classrooms.”

There is no end to the liberals stupidity fest.

Our local sheriff, stations deputies at all our federally mandated “gun free schools”. And has done so for years.


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