USA Has Oil Everywhere

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If you add up the recoverable resource estimate for the oft-mentioned Bakken formation in North Dakota, as well as the Eagle Ford in South Texas… then DOUBLE it, you’ll get close to the number of recoverable barrels of oil that remain trapped in the heart of this untapped “mega” shale deposit.

In California …

Put another way, according to the US Energy Information Administration, this one massive shale play represents 64% of the total recoverable shale oil resource base in the country.

It’s the big kahuna, and today we’ll take a look at how the profit opportunities are stacking up for this behemoth…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    I live in a relatively small town in Texas compared to Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston. We are about 70,000. There “was” an oil company here that did, in fact, find oil. They were ready to drill then Obama decided no more drilling here! The man lost everything and had to close down.


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