Keystone Pipeline Passes Latest Environmental Review, Eco Warriors, Outraged.

And so it goes. whistle me a tune …

For a government whose reviews take twice as long to do as it does to build the damn thing. And you thought the Soviet Union was incompetent. My guess is like with fracking they have no facts to support their lies, so they make it all up. Global warming is so much government lies, and outright bunk, it stinks to high heaven, these days.

From Tom Nelson: Keystone pipeline passes environmental review: It’s the [CO2-induced] end of the world as the Sierra Club knows it, and I feel fine.

Hoaxes and Obummer hardest hit …

Keystone XL pipeline would have little impact on climate change, State Department analysis says – The Washington Post

The State Department released a draft environmental impact assessment of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline Friday afternoon, suggesting the project would have little impact on climate change.

Live Blogging the Keystone XL Environmental Assessment Release | DeSmogBlog

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune just released the following reaction in a press release just sent out:

“The Sierra Club is outraged by the State Department’s deeply flawed analysis today and what can only be interpreted as lip service to one of the greatest threats to our children’s future: climate disruption…”

From Junkscience:

Read the full Keystone EIS

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It’s is driving the enviros crazy this afternoon.

Keystone XL EIS. (PDF)


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