Sign Of The Times: New York Times Gives Its ‘Green’ Blog the Axe

The New York Times has shuttered its “Green” blog, posting a message late Friday afternoon that its online space about “energy and the environment” was closing up.

goodbye message went up at 5 p.m.:

The Times is discontinuing the Green blog, which was created to track environmental and energy news and to foster lively discussion of developments in both areas. This change will allow us to direct production resources to other online projects. But we will forge ahead with our aggressive reporting on environmental and energy topics, including climate change, land use, threatened ecosystems, government policy, the fossil fuel industries, the growing renewables sector and consumer choices.

In an email to colleagues obtained by the Columbia Journalism Review, former Green blog editor Nancy Kenney apologized for the “abruptness” of the cancellation and said the decision was handed down from management.

Imagine the possibilities of the hoaxer’s blog, no more.

Mow that the world has found oil everywhere, because of new right angle drilling technology, and Al Gore has now become an oil money baron, it’s time to fold the tents on global warming stupidity..

Our SWFL climate change registered a chilly 52 this AM. Seems that we are about 20 degrees below normal, as global warming sputters it’s last.


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