Green Shutting Down, Getting So Cold They Froze

No fooling if you look at the history of sunspots we are seeing the same trends that showed up at the start of the last Little Ice Age, about 1650 – 1700. Right now the sunspot patterns trace back at least 130 years and counting.

It seems shakeups in green reporting are all the rage this year. First we heard that NYT is closing its environment desk:  New York Times Dismantles Its Environment Desk

NYT is closing its Green Blog.

Now today we learn that WaPo is moving out their long time eco-reporter from the environment beat,  reportedly over conflict of interest issues. Juliet Eilperin out at Washington Post environment beat, no word yet on rather her post will be filled. No big loss one way or the other.

Victory: JunkScience forces Juliet Eilperin out of WaPo environment beat

JunkScience has been after her since 2009, with WaPo ombudsman support. No doubt she will deny… just like she did her conflict of interest, until it became too much even for the Post.

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