White House’s False Sequester Claims Prompt Media Pushback

Do your job, trot out the propaganda, media, even if it’s all bunk.

Make it so … You are not getting angry enough:

The White House’s media management team will be in the public spotlight this week following a series of days in which it leveraged the media to distribute what turned out to be misleading or false information.

President Barack Obama told reporters that Capitol Hill workers were facing pay cuts as a result of the looming budget sequester. Education Secretary Arne Duncan cited the same cause when he incorrectly claimed that a school district was already laying off teachers. And White House spokesman Jay Carney understated by a factor of 10 the number of illegal immigrants administration officials released in a bid to lower the cost of housing inmates in immigration detention facilities.

Those statements came as the White House sought to create public anger about Republicans’ refusal to vote for additional new tax revenues as part of a last-minute budget deal to forestall the sequester, which will force mandatory across-the-board cuts across much of the federal budget.

You’re being played, got that!!

Get out there you media slouches, find those people who are hurt by the sequester and put them on TV. NOW!!! Make the public angry media.

And you ask why I no longer watch any network or cable anything …


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